Additional Services

Comprehensive hearing conservation services.

  • Arrangements can be made for a comprehensive noise survey to be performed at your facility to document noise levels and assess employee noise exposures.
  • Direction can be given in composing a written hearing conservation program.  Sample written programs are available. 
  • Audiologists provide OSHA-required professional supervision of audiometric testing programs conducted in-house by companies and clinics. The data management service includes overseeing serial audiograms, revising baseline audiograms, and identifying recordable threshold shifts for the OSHA-300 log.
  • Whenever questions arise regarding test results or any other aspect of the program, a professional audiologist or certified technician is available for consultation.
  • Guidance can be given for efficiently organizing and scheduling employee hearing tests.
  • Each employee is counseled at the time of the hearing test with respect to test results, improved fit of hearing protection, and need for medical referral when warranted.
  • Recommendations can be made for the appropriate selection of hearing protection devices based on employee noise exposures.
  • Group training before hearing testing presents concepts common to employee needs; counseling afterward addresses individual employee needs.
  • Test results are made available in electronic or paper format.
  • Computerized data are maintained in case results forwarded to the client are lost or destroyed.