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Onsite Hearing Conservation Testing

Hearing Testing


Audiometrics Associates brings mobile hearing testing to your location and offers testing at our Elk Grove Village facility as well.

By bringing our expertise and equipment to your door, we work around your schedule.  This keeps the flow of employees continuous, minimizing the impact of testing and training on production.

Audiometric Associates is unique in that, on the average, an employee is interviewed, tested, counseled, and back to work in less than five minutes.

On the day of testing, our Occupational Hearing Conservationist (OHC) interviews employees and completes the necessary paperwork on-site, relieving the employer of this responsibility.

OHCs are assigned to each mobile unit and multiple tasks are completed simultaneously.  While one OHC is assigned to record aural medical histories and conduct training sessions, others conduct the hearing tests.  Typically, ten to fifteen employees are scheduled over the course of a half-hour. The result is reliable, high-volume testing that can be done in a brief period of time.